Season-long Fertilizer Service in Calgary

Season-long Fertilizer Service in Calgary



Season-Long Fertilizer Service in Calgary

The purpose of lawn care is to improve the overall health of your soil and lawn and produce a lush and green turf. Your lawn needs the correct nutrients to thrive! A healthy lawn takes time, knowledge, and effort.  If you overfertilize, your grass may become a breeding ground for insects and disease. A lawn care specialist knows exactly how much and what type of product to use to help you finally achieve a thick and healthy lawn.

Our season-long fertilizer regime stimulates the growth of a healthy and vibrant lawn by providing your lawn with all the essential nutrients it needs to properly grow. Using our special range of fertilizers, we’ll ensure that even the most tired-looking lawns grow back green and lush.

Lawn Lovers uses professional grade fertilizers and our technicians are highly trained to ensure the right amount of product is used, every single time. Avoid burns in your lawn and dead patches by hiring a professional fertilizer service in Calgary! With years of experience and proven results, Lawn Lovers is your top choice!

Our season-long fertilizer package includes unlimited visits and complimentary call-backs. 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

With our fertilizer service in Calgary you can experience a luscious lawn, that makes your property look amazing, enhances your curb appeal, and saves you time and money. Contact us today!