Winter Lawn Care Tips To Protect Your Grass

Protect Your Grass

When it comes to lawn care and maintenance in Calgary, protecting your lawn throughout the winter is important to achieve that green and healthy turf you want over the warmer months. While professional lawn care services will do wonders, the care and maintenance inbetween services can make all the difference. 

Here are some of our top lawn care tips to ensure your yard stays in tip-top shape come springtime. 

1. Remove debris

Be sure to clean any debris like garbage, rocks, and large sticks that make their way onto the snow in your yard. Although it may not seem like an issue, Calgary often sees warm Chinook weather that melts the snow which then places the debris directly onto the grass. If a heavy snowfall comes, these objects will then be buried under the snow and crush the grass. 

2. Reduce the amount of traffic in your yard

Have you ever noticed a patch of your lawn more impacted than the rest of the yard come springtime? This is caused by heavy traffic on the same path or area. If you must walk across your yard, we recommend avoiding walking on the same path each time. Instead, try to spread it out. 

Avoid placing any heavy equipment on your lawn over the winter. Even if the grass is technically dormant, it takes a lot of stress from heavy snow and ice and we want to avoid putting more strain on the lawn.

3. Prep your lawn in the fall

Last but certainly not least, be sure you’re prepping your lawn in the fall by scheduling a service with a lawn care specialist, which will typically include fertilizing to keep the grass nourished over the winter season. In addition to seasonal lawn care, keep the last mow in the fall season at 2 to 2.5 inches high. Keeping grass at this length minimizes the risk of snow mold. Lawns that are cut too short right before a snowfall exposes the roots to damage.

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