Calgary Lawn Maintenance FAQ

Calgary Lawn Maintenance FAQ's

If you’re looking for Calgary lawn maintenance, Lawn Lovers is here to help. Our team of experts has years of experience in the industry, and we’re passionate about providing the best possible service to our clients. We specialize in a variety of lawn care services, including mowing, trimming, edging, and more. We also offer a variety of customization options to fit your specific needs. So if you’re looking for a trustworthy team that can provide excellent lawn care services, contact us today!

At Lawn Lovers, we work hard to guarantee complete safety. All the products we use in weed control and our other services are regulated and approved by Health Canada, and we closely follow all regulations and licensing requirements to keep you and your family safe.


To ensure complete safety, we recommend that after our weed control products are applied you stay off the lawn until it has dried. Children and pets should stay off the lawn for at least 12 hours after the treatment.

We’ll always notify you the day before we plan to perform a lawn treatment or other service, either by email, text, or phone call. If the time or date doesn’t work for you, we’re happy to reschedule for a time that suits you better.

Lawn Lovers customers are free to cancel a treatment or service at any time, although we ask that you give us as much notice as possible. Depending on the service and circumstances of the cancellation, we may charge a 10% cancellation fee to cover certain costs.

For your convenience, our Basic, Lovers and Lovers+ Packages are renewed yearly on April 1st; however, they can be cancelled at any time by getting in touch with our team.

Our weekly and bi-weekly lawn mowing services are renewed monthly beginning on May 15th, with the last payment being taken on August 15th. In years where summer weather is expected to extend into early autumn, we may take an additional payment on September 15th to cover an additional month of lawn mowing. Lawn mowing payments will then resume on May 15th of the following year.

If you have any unused services at the end of the season, these will be fully refunded.

At Lawn Lovers we put customer satisfaction at the heart of everything we do and strive to deliver exceptional results for your lawn. However, if our service ever falls below your expectations, please get in touch with our team and we’ll be happy to resolve any issues quickly, reliably, and professionally.

Yes – before any treatment we ask that you mark out any sprinklers or other appliances and fixtures on your lawn so that they’re easily noticeable by our team, especially before lawn mowing or deep core aeration. This helps our team avoid causing any damage to your sprinklers or other fixtures, and helps us to avoid damaging our own equipment, too.


We’ll ask you to mark out sprinklers and other fixtures when we send out your pre-appointment notification. If sprinklers or other fixtures are unmarked, we are unable to cover any damages caused during treatment.

Watering your lawn can wash off any weed control treatments and reduce their effectiveness. As such, we recommend that you avoid watering your lawn for at least 12 hours following a weed control treatment.

Yes – as long as the fertilization treatment wasn’t applied at the same time as weed control. Make sure to check your appointment notification for details of all the services we’ve carried out before you water your lawn to make sure you don’t wash away any treatments we’ve applied.

Yes – if you’re in need of a specific one-off treatment for your lawn, get in touch with our team and we’ll work out a solution that works for you. However, to get the most out of our services and ensure your lawn stays fresh, healthy, and lush all year round, we recommend that you use our season-long packages for a comprehensive, long-lasting treatment.

Absolutely! No matter what state your lawn is in, Lawn Lovers can provide the treatments it needs to refresh, regenerate, and rejuvenate. If your lawn is in particularly bad shape, we recommend the Lovers or Lovers+ packages for a comprehensive suite of treatments that will give your lawn a new lease of life and help it to grow back thicker, greener, and healthier.

Technically, you can – however, you probably won’t get the same results! Lawn Lovers are certified professionals in lawn and garden care, with years of experience giving us the skills and knowledge needed to successfully breathe new life into tired lawns and keep healthy lawns looking fresh, green, and lively.

We use only the best weed control, fertilizer, and soil conditioning products, and we choose the perfect seed types for your lawn to ensure the best possible results. We also have a wide range of professional equipment that helps us to carry out our treatments and services to the highest level of quality.

No – there’s no need for you to be at home as long as you leave any gates or other access controls open to allow our team to get to your lawn or provide us with other access instructions if necessary. We’ll notify you of the time and date of your treatment in advance so that you can let us know whether you’ll be in and provide any instructions – or you can reschedule for a time and date that better suits you if necessary.

While our team is happy to work in most weather, we may need to reschedule in the event of particularly adverse weather conditions such as during heavy storms, high winds, and snow. If the weather does prevent us from carrying out a treatment, then we’ll notify you as soon as possible and reschedule for another date and time that works for you.

We don’t have an exact answer for this, as it will depend on several factors such as the condition of your lawn before treatment, the treatments we apply, weather conditions, the time of year, and more. However, we use high-quality, professional-grade products and work to extremely high standards to ensure that you see improvements in your lawn as soon as possible – in many cases, this can be in as little as two or three weeks, or even quicker!


If you have a question about Calgary lawn maintenance that is not answered on this page, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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