Season-long Weed Control Service in Calgary

Season-long Weed Control Service in Calgary



Season-Long Weed Control Service in Calgary

The purpose of lawn care is to improve the overall health of your soil and lawn and produce a lush and green turf.  Proper lawn care requires knowledge – apply too much weed control product and you may have unsightly brown patches. A lawn care specialist knows exactly how much and what type of product to use to help you finally achieve a thick and healthy lawn.

One of the primary goals of lawn care is to prevent against the infiltration of pesky weeds. Our weed control includes manual and herbicidal de-weeding alongside measures to improve lawn health and prevent weeds from taking root in the first place. Lawn Lovers uses commercial grade weed control to eliminate even the toughest weeds.

Results are noticeable after just 1 application. We recommend 3 applications over the spring and summer seasons for the best results. Our season-long weed control package includes unlimited visits for the season!

Lawn Lovers is a fully insured and licensed company. We carry the appropriate licenses required to apply professional grade chemicals safely. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. 

With our weed control service in Calgary you can experience a luscious lawn, that makes your property look amazing, enhances your curb appeal, and saves you time and money. Contact us today!