Basic Package

Basic Package

Our basic package for helping healthy lawns stay green and lush.

$79.99 now, and $79.99 on April 1st each year

* Pricing is for lawns under 1500 square feet. If your lawn is larger, or if you are unsure, please contact us for a free quote.


Keep your lawn looking healthy and green

Our Basic Package includes a season-long program of premium fertilizer and weed control applied by our expert Lawn Lovers team for a luscious, lively, and loveable lawn. We’ll visit at least 5 times during the season to make sure your lawn stays green all season long.


Season-Long Fertilizer

Our season-long fertilizer regime stimulates the growth of a healthy and vibrant lawn by providing your lawn with all the essential nutrients it needs to properly grow. Using our special range of fertilizers, we’ll ensure that even the most tired-looking lawns grow back green and lush.

Season-Long Weed Control:

Keep your lawn fresh and weed-free with our expert weed control services. Our weed control includes manual and herbicidal de-weeding alongside measures to improve lawn health and prevent weeds from taking root in the first place.

Complimentary Call-Backs

At Lawn Lovers we put customer satisfaction at the heart of everything we do and strive to deliver exceptional results for your lawn. However, if our service ever falls below your expectations, please get in touch with our team to schedule a complimentary call-back.