Lawn Lovers CompletePLUS Package

Lawn Lovers CompletePLUS Package



Our CompletePLUS Lawn Maintenance Package. The Best your lawn can Get!


Power Raking/Dethatching

Over time, dead grass debris and other organic matter can form a layer of thatch on your lawn, especially over winter. Thatch can prevent your lawn from growing healthily by preventing new grass blades from penetrating the soil and blocking water, nutrients, and sunlight.

Our power raking service helps to remove this layer of thatch without damaging your lawn or soil, increasing soil quality and allowing water and fertilizers to penetrate the soil more easily.

Spring OR Fall Deep Core Aeration

To improve soil quality and help tired lawns grow back greener, our deep core aeration service can help bring your lawn back to life. Aeration helps relieve soil compaction, improve seed growth, and enhance soil absorption and water retention, helping your lawn grow thicker and healthier.

Season-Long Fertilizer

Your lawn needs the correct nutrients to thrive! A healthy lawn takes time, knowledge, and effort.  If you overfertilize, your grass may become a breeding ground for insects and disease. A lawn care specialist knows exactly how much and what type of product to use to help you finally achieve a thick and healthy lawn. Our season-long fertilizer regime stimulates the growth of a healthy and vibrant lawn by providing your lawn with all the essential nutrients it needs to properly grow. Using our special range of fertilizers, we’ll ensure that even the most tired-looking lawns grow back green and lush.

Season-Long Weed Control:

If your lawn has been overrun by weeds, our season-long weed control can reassert order by removing and preventing the growth of weeds. Our weed control includes manual and herbicidal de-weeding alongside measures to improve lawn health and prevent weeds from taking root in the first place.  Lawn Lovers uses commercial grade weed control to eliminate even the toughest weeds. Results are noticeable after just 1 application!

Spring OR Fall Overseeding

To help your lawn look even greener and fresher, with a thicker covering of grass, our custom overseeding services help to refresh tired-looking lawns and give them a new lease of life. We’ll use hand-selected grass seed to suit the exact growing conditions of your lawn, ensuring the best possible results and a thicker, lusher lawn in no time.

Love Potion

Soil quality is a vital factor in keeping your lawn looking healthy and bright. Lawn Lovers signature Love Potion increases the number and diversity of microbes in the soil and speeds up the decomposition of organic matter and nutrient cycling. This releases nutrients to your lawn, improves the soil structure – breaking up compacted soils, and improving water absorption.

Lawn Mowing

Keep your lawn looking neat and fresh with your choice of our weekly or bi-weekly lawn mowing service. Our lawn mowing experts will give your lawn the professional cut it deserves to keep it looking its best.

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