3 Benefits of a Green Lawn

green lawn

3 Benefits of a Green Lawn

There’s nothing quite like stepping barefoot onto a beautifully maintained, lush, and healthy turf. You can relax in your yard after a long day, your children can run through the grass, and you can be proud to host guests outdoors. 

A thriving lawn has a positive impact on the environment, enhances your household’s quality of life, and can even boost your home’s curb appeal. Lawn care services in Calgary go beyond improving the health of your soil and grass – here are some of the intrinsic benefits of hiring a lawn care specialist to look after your turf.

Saves you time, effort, and frustration

Proper lawn care, including fertilizing, weed control, aeration, overseeding, and more, is complex and requires proper knowledge to do successfully. Apply the wrong type of weed control product and you can be left with brown patches all over your lawn. Overfertilize and your lawn may be more susceptible to insects and disease. 

When you hire a lawn care specialist, you avoid wasting time and money spent on attempting to do it yourself. Achieving a green lawn is not done in one go – that’s why professional lawn care packages are spread out over a certain amount of maintenance visits. Lawn care companies have the proper tools and equipment to get the job done in less time and more effectively than a do-it-yourself attempt. 

The result? A beautiful lawn and your time back to spend on things that you enjoy.

A green lawn adds to your quality of life

What would it look like if you had the yard of your dreams? How would it feel to pull up to your driveway and see a thick, luscious, green lawn? You would certainly enjoy spending time in your yard, gardening, reading, sunbathing, and maybe even more motivated to do yardwork in between lawn care service visits. 

Spending time outdoors adds to our quality of life and is good for our overall health. On the contrary, seeing a patchy, brown, and diseased yard full of weeds can have a negative impact on our mood. The good news is, this can be corrected with professional lawn care.

Contributes to a healthier community

A green lawn goes beyond aesthetics – it contributes to a healthy community and helps the environment. Thick grass acts as an air filter, trapping carbon dioxide and effectively cleaning the air. The healthy padding also minimizes noise pollution and reduces temperatures during those hot summer days. 

And of course, a green lawn adds a little extra charm to any property. Take a stroll or drive through your neighborhood and we’re willing to bet that a neighbor’s well-kept lawn instantly catches your eye! Multiply that throughout your entire neighborhood- if every home has healthy, thick turf, it will certainly enhance the community’s well-being.

Lawn Lovers can help you with all your lawn care needs and help you achieve your green lawn! We provide numerous lawn care services such as power raking, aeration, lawn mowing, weed control, fertilizer, overseeding, spring clean up, and fall clean up. We set the highest standards in the industry and strive to achieve the best possible results and always exceed expectations. Get your luscious lawn this summer.

Don’t miss out and don’t be the odd one out on your street with a patchy lawn. Enhance the curb appeal of your house and be the envy of your neighbours. There is nothing better than a lush, green, and healthy lawn which your children and dog can enjoy! The benefits of having a healthy lawn are countless. You can’t afford to miss out! Contact us today for a free quote!

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