5 Essential Calgary Power Raking Tips

Calgary Power Raking

5 Essential Calgary Power Raking Tips

Power Raking is one of the most beneficial services for your lawn. The purpose of this service is to get rid of thatch and other debris from the lawn. Thatch is a buildup of organic matter like leaves, dirty, or dead grass. A thick layer of thatch can be detrimental for your lawn as it can prevent new seeds from reaching the soil and prevent nutrients from reaching the existing grass. It can also inhibit moisture absorption which will be terrible for your lawn.

Calgary Power Raking Tips:

Prepare Your Lawn For Power Raking

It is essential to mow your grass to a low length. We recommend keeping it 1.5 inches at most and if you can go even lower than that then you should. If your grass is too long, the blades on the power rake will not be able to reach the soil and remove the thatch. It is also beneficial to very lightly water your lawn the night before the appointment. However, if you water too much, that can cause damage to your lawn during your Calgary Power Raking Service!

Make Sure the Timing is Right

Timing is everything when it comes to lawn care. The best time for Calgary Power Raking is in the middle of Spring. At Lawn Lovers, we normally carry out our power raking service between April 15 and May 15. If your grass has turned green, it may be too late to power rake as the machine will pull out healthy, green grass. If your grass has already turned green, it is best to wait the following year.

You also want to be careful to not power rake right after a heavy rainfall or too early in the spring. With snow melting, the ground will probably be too wet until mid April at least. Power raking a wet lawn will cause damage.

Choose the Right Equipment

In order to properly power rake your lawn, you will need to choose the best equipment. We recommend visiting a reputable department or hardware store which offers rentals. In Calgary, you can visit your local Home Depot Rental Centre and they will offer commercial grade power rakes for you to use. You will need a truck or van to transport the power rake!

You also want to make sure the setting on your power rake is set to what you need. If you don’t have much thatch, then it is best to not put it on the lowest setting as this will damage your lawn.

Use the Correct Technique

You want to make sure you are using the correct technique for Calgary Power Raking! It is best to go in straight lines, with a slight overpass to cover any missed areas. When you are turning around, let go of the throttle as power raking during a turn will damage your lawn. Once you’ve covered the entire lawn, repeat the process but in a different direction.

Clean Up After Yourself

You want to use a hand rake to gather all the debris and thatch that came out of your lawn. Place the debris in bags. At Lawn Lovers, we usually do a second lawn mow at the end to pick up any remaining debris and so the lawn looks neat and tidy. You also want to use a hand held blower to blow away any grass/debris left on the driveway or sidewalks.


Power raking is a very comprehensive service and requires a lot of time and effort. You can skip the long process and hire Lawn Lovers. We have been providing Calgary Power Raking for years and strive to always work to the highest of standards. Contact us today for a free Calgary Power Raking quote!



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