3 Benefits of Hiring a Lawn Aeration Service

lawn aeration service

3 Benefits of Hiring a Lawn Aeration Service

There is no doubt that aeration is one of the most beneficial treatments for your lawn. The effectiveness of lawn aeration has been proved time and time again.

What Exactly is a Deep Core Lawn Aeration Service? How Does it Benefit my Lawn?

Deep core lawn aeration is the process of running a heavy machine, called an aerator, over your lawn in multiple directions and numerous times. The aerator will poke tiny holes in your lawn, and leave the cores from the holes on the surface. This will basically allow the lawn to “aerate”.

This benefits the lawn by increasing air exchange between the soil and the atmosphere. Plants love oxygen, and this directly provides more oxygen. It can also reduce soil compaction and increase the uptake of fertilizers and nutrients.

The cores which are left on the lawn also eventually break up and act like a fertilizer for the lawn, giving it a boost of nitrogen and other nutrients.

Why Should I Hire a Lawn Aeration Service?

1. A professional company carries the right equipment.

An aerator is an expensive item costing nearly thousands of dollars. It is not economical for a home owner to buy such a machine. Although there are smaller alternatives for homeowners, there is no doubt that these alternatives ultimately result in a lower quality job.

2. It will save you money and time!

Yes that’s true! Hiring a lawn aeration service will actually save you money and time! Just to rent a lawn aerator can add up to a hundred dollars and even more. Don’t forget you have to go and pick up the aerator, and drop it back off. You’ll need a vehicle which can transport such a large piece of equipment. They’ll also take a damage deposit on your credit card in case something happens! If you do damage the aerator, you could lose that deposit!

With all these factors combined, it’s not hard to see how you could easily save money by simply hiring a company for your lawn aeration.

3. It will help you avoid injury!

A lawn aerator is a very heavy machine and can weigh hundreds of pounds. It would be unwise for a homeowner to attempt using such heavy equipment especially when they don’t have WCB coverage. You could simply ruin your whole future just for trying to saving $80 for a lawn aeration service.


Hiring a company for your lawn aeration is the best route to take if you would like this treatment done. Avoid risking injury to yourself, and save your time and money by hiring a lawn care company. Lawn Lovers provides a deep core aeration service which will definitely reach the quality of work you expect and even exceed it.

Our deep core aeration service has transformed many lawns over the years and given life back to dried out lawns. Contact us today to book your service!

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