Deep Core Aeration & Power Raking Bundle

Deep Core Aeration & Power Raking Bundle


Deep Core Aeration

Reduce soil compaction and help your lawn grow more healthily with our deep core aeration service, leaving it ready for overseeding and encouraging new growth to keep your lawn looking fresh and healthy.

Power Raking

Get rid of unhealthy thatch build-up and get your lawn ready for new growth with our expert power raking services.

* Pricing is for lawns under 1500 square feet. If your lawn is larger, or if you are unsure, please contact us for a free quote.


Bundle & save an additional $50 until May 31!

Deep Core Aeration

Aeration is an important process for maintaining a healthy lawn. It involves removing cores of soil from your lawn and left on the surface, helping to reduce soil compaction and aid nutrient exchange. Not only does aeration encourage healthy new growth from your lawn, it can also help your lawn absorb water better, meaning fewer puddles left on the surface of your lawn after it rains. Aeration also helps to remove thatch layers from your lawn, allowing grass to grow more easily and leaving your lawn ready for overseeding to ensure an even thicker, greener covering.

Power Raking/Dethatching

Over time, dead grass debris and other organic matter can form a layer of thatch on your lawn, especially over winter. Thatch can prevent your lawn from growing healthily by preventing new grass blades from penetrating the soil and blocking water, nutrients, and sunlight. Our power raking service helps to remove this layer of thatch without damaging your lawn or soil, increasing soil quality and allowing water and fertilizers to penetrate the soil more easily. Power raking also allows new grass to grow more effectively, meaning it’s a great option when you want to re-seed or overseed your lawn to promote a thicker, greener, healthier lawn.