Fall Clean Up in Calgary

Fall Clean Up in Calgary

Maintaining your lawn during the fall will help keep it healthy and strong all winter long. Lawn Lovers is proud to offer a fall clean up in Calgary.



Fall Clean Up in Calgary

What Our Fall Clean Up Includes:

  • Leaf Clean Up – Leaves can definitely be healthy for your lawn as they provide nitrogen, however, they can quickly become damaging and a nuisance for properties that have numerous trees. Lawn Lovers guarantees the removal of at least 90% of your leaves during our fall clean up.
  • Complimentary Lawn Mow – All Lawn Lovers fall clean ups include a complimentary lawn mow at a height of 1.5 inches for best results.


Additional Fall Services:

  • Fall Fertilizer – Applying fertilizer in the early fall will help grass grow long and green before winter comes. Lawn Lovers uses professional grade fertilizer with the appropriate nutrient content for the fall season guaranteeing the best results.
  • Overseeding – Fall is a great time to overseed your lawn as the temperature cools down and the soil can retain water better.
  • Lawn Aeration – Aerating your lawn is an important part of fall clean up. It not only helps to increase circulation and nutrient uptake, but also helps prevent brown spots from forming in the spring.

Fall is an ideal season for improving the health of your grass and it can help you maximize its potential next year by making sure it has adequate nutrients through the winter months. Contact us today to get a free quote for your fall clean up in Calgary!