Premium Spring Clean Up in Calgary

Premium Spring Clean Up in Calgary

Spring is the perfect time to get your lawn in tip top shape. Our Premium Spring Clean Up in Calgary will help prepare your lawn for healthy grass through the summer months. *NOW BOOKING FOR SPRING 2024*



Premium Spring Clean Up In Calgary

Spring is the perfect time to get your lawn in tip top shape. Our spring clean up will help prepare your lawn for healthy grass through the summer months. All of our services are customized for your needs so that no matter what type of lawn you have, we can create an optimal proposal for keeping it looking great!

The spring season is usually a time for renewal and rejuvenation, but for many of us, it can also be a time of busyness and stress. With so much to do before the summer months begin, we often find ourselves rushing through our lawn care tasks in order to get more done on our to-do lists.

If you want your grass to stay healthy throughout the warm weather months of spring through autumn, it’s important that you prepare it for the season with a spring clean up.

What is a Spring Clean Up?

A spring cleanup is also called a spring garden cleanupspring landscape cleanup or spring yard cleanup. Most properties accumulate debris (broken branches, leaves, or dead plant material) over the winter, and need a spring cleanup to get them ready for the season.

What our Premium Spring Clean Up in Calgary Includes

  • Power Raking – Although some believe power raking is detrimental to your lawn, the fact is, that when done correctly it can be extremely beneficial. We’ve seen the transformation with our own eyes over, and over again. 
  • Lawn Aeration – Spring is one of the best times to aerate your lawn. Completing your aeration at this time will prepare your lawn to receive treatments for the rest of the season!
  • Leaf Clean Up – Leaves can definitely be healthy for your lawn as they provide nitrogen, however, they can quickly become damaging and a nuisance for properties that have numerous trees. Lawn Lovers guarantees the removal of at least 90% of your leaves for our premium spring clean up in Calgary.
  • Complimentary Lawn Mow – All Lawn Lovers spring clean ups include a complimentary lawn mow at a height of 2 inches for best results.

Premium Spring Clean Up in Calgary FAQ

1. Do you leave bags of grass and leaves at my property?

Our Spring Clean Up package includes the removal of yard waste bags. We will not leave you stranded with a pile of garbage bags.

2. When is the best time for a spring clean up in Calgary?

It differentiates every year but spring clean ups usually start from mid-April and end in Mid/Late-May. The weather can greatly impact this.

3. Do I need to mark my underground sprinklers before my property is serviced?

Yes. We ask that you mark any sprinkler heads before any service to avoid damaging them and to avoid damaging our equipment as well. If you’re unable to mark your sprinklers for any reason, let us know and we will do what we can to help!

4. Do I need to be home during my spring clean up in Calgary?

No you do not need to be home during your spring clean up. We ask that you leave all gates unlocked to give us access. We will notify you by either text or email before and after your service. Pictures can also be sent upon request.

5. How do I book my service online?

Most Lawn Lovers services can be booked online. Just simply add the item to your cart, and check out.

Once your order has been placed, we will contact you within 24-48 hours to schedule an appointment and outline the next steps!

Spring clean up in Calgary is a great way to get your home ready for the summer months. We offer a wide range of services that will help you maintain healthy grass throughout the season. Whether you need assistance with fertilization, weed removal or irrigation, we have what it takes to keep your lawn looking its best! Contact us for more information about our Basic Spring Clean Up Calgary.