Reliable Snow Removal Service in Calgary

Reliable Snow Removal Service in Calgary



Reliable Snow Removal Service in Calgary

It is important to have a reliable snow removal service in Calgary. Without a properly maintained property, there could be serious problems due to snow and ice. Our team at Lawn Lovers has been offering high-quality and affordable snow removal services to clients across and around Calgary for years. You can rest assured that we will work with you to customize a plan that makes sense for your home or business.

Our dedicated team of expert snow removal technicians are ready to help you anytime that you need us for whatever kind of weather comes our way. We carry all types of professional equipment to take on any kind of weather! We are also happy to offer free estimates.

Why You Should Hire a Professional Snow Removal Service in Calgary:

  • Alberta has a cold climate, so winter can bring extreme snow levels, blizzards and other dangerous weather conditions. The province’s climate is subject to extremes; when temperatures drop below -22°C (-8°F), frostbite occurs in as little as 30 minutes.

  • Liability issues are another reason to hire a snow removal company. Snow and ice can cause major damage to your property or people. If you’re sued for negligence, you could be held responsible for expenses related to the accident. In some cases, this can mean thousands of dollars in damages. Lawn Lovers is a fully insured company carrying both liability and WCB coverage.

  • Avoid the risk of injuring yourself. At Lawn Lovers, our technicians are meticulously trained to work safely in any type of weather conditions. Hiring a professional will protect your health and help you avoid injury.


Why Choose Lawn Lovers?

  • The team at Lawn Lovers offers high-quality and affordable snow removal service in Calgary and surrounding areas.
  • We have been in business for many years, and we provide a variety of services, including snow removal and ice control.
  • We are a local company with our headquarters located in Calgary, Alberta!
  • Unlimited visits during snowfall. During multiple days of snowfall we will service your property once per day.*
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed! 

Snow Removal Service in Calgary FAQ

How often and what time do your crews come during continuous snowfall?

Our crews always aim to service your property once per day during continuous snowfall.

Our regular working hours are 7am to 2pm, however, depending on the amount of snowfall, we may start earlier in the day. During days of heavy snowfall, delays are to be expected, but our crews will work additional hours to ensure every property is serviced the same day.

Do your crews come for snowfalls that are less than 1cm?

Most snow removal companies in Calgary do not make visits for snowfalls less than 1cm, however, at Lawn Lovers, we come by every time it snows.

Do your crews work every single day?

Yes, our crews work every day it snows, whether it is a weekend or weekday.

Lawn Lovers does not operate on Christmas and New Years Day. If it snows on these 2 days, we will make a visit the following day.

Do your crews use loud equipment?

Yes, we use an array of equipment such as shovels, backpack blowers, snow blowers, and more.

We never use loud equipment before 7am or after 9pm.

Will my driveway be scraped to surface during the service?

We always try our best to scrape driveways down to surface at the time of service. Although, if your driveway has been driven over numerous times, we may have to schedule an appointment after the snowfall ends to scrape your driveway.

City sidewalks are always scraped to surface.

Is Ice melt/salt included in the price?

Although majority of snow removal services charge additional for this, Lawn Lovers offers complimentary ice melt for icy or hazardous areas on your property.

If you require additional ice melt/salt, we would have to charge extra for that.

Can I pay less during months where it doesn’t snow as much?

No. We charge the same rate every month, no matter how much it snows. Some months there is more snowfall and other months there is less. During periods it doesn’t snow, we will still make consistent visits to apply salt to icy areas and ensure the property is safe.

Our team members are on call 24/7 to service your properties and rely on this income to pay their bills and feed their families.

Is there a contract? Can I cancel any time?

Yes, there is an agreement for snow removal services. This is to protect both us and you from liability in case someone is injured or property is damaged.

Snow removal services can be cancelled at any time, although we ask you provide us with your start and end dates ahead of time so we may plan accordingly.

Will I be notified when my property is serviced?

Yes, we will send you a text or email notification when your property has been serviced. Photos can also be sent upon request.

How do I book my service online?

Most Lawn Lovers services can be booked online. Just simply add the item to your cart, and check out.

Once your order has been placed, we will contact you within 24-48 hours to schedule an appointment and outline the next steps!

Feel free to reach out if you have any unanswered questions!

If you’re looking for a company that can help you remove snow from your property, look no further than Lawn Lovers! We offer competitive rates on all of our services, as well as an extensive list of benefits that come with working with us. You’ll be able to count on us for any type of job—large or small—and we’ll always treat your property with care and professionalism.

Our team is always available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have about our snow removal service in Calgary; please feel free to contact us today!