4 Professional Tips for Fertilizing Your Lawn in Calgary

fertilizing your lawn in calgary

4 Professional Tips for Fertilizing Your Lawn in Calgary


Lawn fertilization can increase the overall health and appearance of your lawn, which means that it makes sense from an economic perspective as well as an aesthetic one. Lawn fertilization is an essential part of maintaining your lawn. It can help your lawn get a good start, providing nutrients that will make it greener and healthier. The result is a lush, green lawn that looks great.

Here are 4 professional tips for fertilizing your lawn in Calgary!

1. Use the right equipment!

There are many different kinds of equipment which you could use for your fertilizer application. The equipment you choose for fertilizing your lawn in Calgary will depend on many factors such as; the size of your property, whether you have sensitive areas in the yard, and the kind of fertilizer you are applying.

Two of the most common pieces of equipment used for lawn fertilizing are broadcast spreaders and drop spreaders.

  • Broadcast Spreaders: These are more ideal for larger properties and properties that do not have sensitive areas such as flower beds. Broadcast spreaders have a wide range and make it difficult to have control on where the granules go.
  • Drop Spreaders: These are more ideal for smaller properties which have many obstacles and sensitive areas. Drop spreaders provide you with more control over where you are applying the fertilizer.

There are also many other forms of equipment which you can use for fertilizing your lawn in Calgary such as handheld spreaders and more!

2. Use the right blend of fertilizer for the type of grass and time of the season.

There are many different kinds of fertilizer blends. The kind of fertilizer you use will depend on many factors such as the weather, time of the year, and your goals for the lawn. Nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium are all very valuable for your lawn and the blend will need to be altered to your needs. You should also choose a fertilizer which also provides many micro nutrients such as copper, iron, magnesium, calcium etc.

3. Read the label of the fertilizer package!

The number one mistake people make during their fertilizer application is thinking they do not need to read the label. ALWAYS read the label. Every fertilizer has a different application rate and therefore will require a different setting on your spreader. If you apply to much fertilizer, you will burn your lawn and cause permanent damage. This is an essential step of correctly fertilizing your lawn in Calgary.

4. Water your lawn to soak in the fertilizer!

Watering your lawn before the fertilizer application is important as it will make it easier for the granules to be absorbed in the soil. You also want to lightly water after your fertilizer application. This will help wash off any granules off the grass blades and will help them soak into the soil. Be careful not to water too much or you may wash away the fertilizer!

Fertilizing your lawn in Calgary is important to help your lawn look its best. It improves the health of your grass, making it more resistant to drought and weeds. This can result in a beautiful, green lawn that looks great all year round!


With these 4 tips and tricks, fertilizing your lawn in Calgary should be much easier and you should achieve much better results! Fertilizing is an important part of your lawn care program. If you want a healthy, green lawn that looks good, then fertilization is essential. If you want to skip the hassle of doing all the research, you can leave it to the experts and ccntact us to learn more about our fertilizer service!

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