Lovers Plus Lawn Package – 3 Benefits

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Lovers Plus Lawn Package – 3 Benefits

Achieving and maintaining a healthy lawn is no easy feat. It requires consistency, hard work, and a lot of knowledge. A common misconception about lawn care is that it’s simple – you fertilize, apply weed control, water, and cut the grass every two weeks. And while these tasks are certainly important for maintaining a yard, they can also lead to brown patches and a diseased lawn. How? When they’re not done properly.

Overfertilizing results in fertilizer burn. The wrong type and amount of weed control can kill the surrounding grass. And mowing the lawn too short leaves the soil exposed to heat. For homeowners who want a healthy lawn without the time and work it takes to achieve one, our Lawn Lovers Plus Lawn Package can get the job done. 

The benefits

There are many advantages of hiring professional lawn care services, including saving time for homeowners and eliminating the manual labour required. Our Lovers Plus Package in particular is:

  • Cost-effective –  We offer three lawn care packages: the Basic Package, the Lovers Package, and the Lovers Plus Lawn Package. While the Lovers Plus is our highest tier package at the highest price, it is the most cost-effective with the value and services you receive. Our Plus package allows us to take the extra time and care that your lawn truly needs. 
  • Complete lawn care service – The Lovers Plus is our most comprehensive lawn package. It includes everything you need to achieve a healthy lawn combined into one, all season long.
  • Convenient – This lawn package is renewed yearly on April 1st – you can, quite literally, “set it and forget it”. You can enjoy a healthy, beautiful, and luscious lawn every year without lifting a finger! Less time working in the yard and more time to enjoy summer with your family and friends.

What’s included

When you purchase the Lovers Plus Package, you receive:

  • Power Raking & DethatchingRemoves your lawn’s thatch with either power raking or detaching methods. Thatch is the excess grass debris and dead organic matter that can weigh down the grass and deprive the soil of getting essential nutrients, oxygen, and water. Removing thatch build up ensures a successful overseeding and healthy germination.
  • Deep Core Aeration – Involves punching holes into the lawn’s surface, which relieves soil compaction and allows the lawn to ‘breathe’. Aeration improves soil quality and seed growth while enhancing soil absorption and water retention. Grass grows back greener, thicker, and healthier overall. 
  • Season-Long Fertilizer – Many homeowners only fertilize during the growing season, but our season-long fertilizer ensures a healthy and vibrant lawn all summer long. Fertilizing throughout the season ensures that your lawn receives all the nutrient it needs. Our Lawn Package will take care of all your fertilizer needs.
  • Season-Long Weed Control – Many lawn packages include two to four applications of weed control early in the season, but sometimes that’s not enough. Our season-long weed control services keeps your lawn fresh and prevents weeds from taking root in the first place. Our lawn care professionals use a combination of manual and herbicidal weed control methods to keep your lawn weed-free all season long. 
  • Custom Overseeding – We select grass seed that matches the exact growing conditions of your lawn. This allows grass to grow even greener, more lush, and thicker. 
  • Love Potion – Our signature Love Potion increases the number and diversity of microbes into the soil, which is essential for keeping the lawn healthy. The decomposition of organic matter and nutrient cycling is quicker, which improved the soil structure and water absorption. 
  • Complimentary Call-Backs – If our service ever falls below your expectations, we offer a complimentary call-back on all our lawn packages to deliver the results you’re looking for.

Our services are priced for lawns under 1500 square feet. If your lawn is larger, contact us if you’re looking for a lawn package! 

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