5 Facts About The Lovers Lawn Maintenance Package

Lawn maintenance package

5 Facts About The Lovers Lawn Maintenance Package

The lush, green, and healthy lawn you’ve always dreamed about is possible – no matter what condition your lawn is in now! By using the best weed control, fertilizer, and soil conditioning products, we can bring your lawn back to life and keep it looking vibrant. At Lawn Lovers, our ‘Lovers Package’ is our mid-tier service package that can help the grass grow back thicker, greener, and healthier. 

Keep reading to learn more about what’s included in our Lovers Package and the benefits of hiring professional lawn care services in Calgary.

What’s included in the Lovers Lawn Maintenance Package

Lawns need a lot of love and care to help them reach their full potential. If your lawn is looking tired, is spotted with brown or bare patches, or is riddled with weeds, we can help. Our Lovers Lawn Maintenance Package is one of our most economical bundles for the services you receive, which includes:

  • Deep Core Aeration – When soil is compacted, it’s harder for it to absorb the water and nutrients it needs to help the grass grow. Aeration relieves soil compaction and helps improve soil quality for better seed growth, water retention, and nutrient absorption. This allows your lawn to grow thicker and healthier.
  • Season-Long Fertilizer – Provides your lawn with the essential nutrients it needs to grow properly. At Lawn Lovers, we use the best fertilizer to ensure that lawns grow green and lush. 
  • Season-Long Weed Control – Weed control is important to maintain a healthy turf. Weeds compete with the grass for nutrients, water, and sun, and their aggressive root system makes them challenging to stop. Our weed control includes manual and herbicidal de-weeding alongside measures to prevent weeds from taking root in the first place while improving the health of your lawn.
  • Custom Overseeding – Covers bare patches and provides a thicker top layer of grass. Our overseeding is customized to the type of grass you have and suits the growing conditions of your lawn.  
  • Complimentary Call-Back – At Lawn Lovers, we put customer satisfaction at the heart of everything we do and strive to deliver exceptional results for your lawn. We offer a complimentary call-back in all our lawn maintenance packages if our service ever falls below your expectations.

The benefits of a professional lawn maintenance package

One of the most common questions we receive as a professional lawn care company is whether homeowners can apply their own products. Of course you can, but you may not see the same results that a professional can produce. Lawn care professionals have the experience and knowledge about all types of lawn issues, grass varieties, weed control treatments, fertilizer treatments, and what will help a lawn thrive. 

At Lawn Lovers, we can avoid common lawn care mistakes that homeowners make, such as fertilizer burn, applying too much weed control, and more. Hiring professional lawn care services is the best way to enjoy a beautiful and healthy lawn without needing to spend the time it takes to keep a yard well-maintained.

The time you’ll save and the incredible results are some of the biggest benefits of professional lawn care services. To learn more or if you’re unsure about what type of services your specific lawn needs, contact us and we’d be happy to answer your questions!  Sign up today for our Lovers Lawn Maintenance Package!

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