4 Benefits of Weekly Lawn Cutting in Calgary

lawn cutting in calgary

4 Benefits of Weekly Lawn Cutting in Calgary

Mowing your lawn during the growing season is an important aspect to achieve a healthy turf. However, cutting your lawn too short or too frequently can negatively impact your lawn. 

Proper care at the right time is crucial for keeping your lawn looking lush all season long. However, many homeowners don’t know how to deliver the right care, which is where professional lawn care and maintenance services are of value. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of lawn cutting in Calgary.

Lawn mowing is not as straightforward and simple as one may think. Many people make the mistake of thinking that cutting the grass is simply for aesthetic reasons or cutting the grass short will prolong the time between each mow. 

However, lawn cutting in Calgary is essential for the overall health of the lawn. Mow your lawn too short and the soil is exposed to heat, a greater risk for weeds, and may be more susceptible to pests and disease. Keep the grass too long and the grass weakens under the weight. Weak grass blades can also make the lawn more susceptible to disease.

The rule of thumb for lawn mowing is the ⅓ rule – only mow ⅓ of the growth and leave grass about 2.5-3” long. To avoid grass damage, never remove more than a third of its length in a single mowing. 

The Benefits of Weekly Lawn Cutting in Calgary

When you hire lawn maintenance company, you won’t need to worry about whether you’re mowing the lawn correctly. A professional lawn care technician will know the right length and frequency of mowing for each season and for the specific type of grass so it’s always looking its best. 

Well-kept lawns that are cut regularly:

Are strong and healthy – Ideally, lawns should be cut more frequently. 

  • Have a quicker recovery time when faced with difficult weather, insect infestation, and disease
  • Are less susceptible to weed growth 
  • Look beautiful and luscious



Save time while maintaining a gorgeous, lush turf with weekly lawn cutting in Calgary. Our professionals know when your lawn requires regularly cutting and will not mow your lawn when the grass is wet, during a drought, when the sun is high, or it is showing signs of disease. You can trust our experts to properly care for your lawn.

Contact us for a free quote on our professional lawn care and maintenance services. 

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