4 Benefits of Deep Core Aeration Services in Calgary

deep core aeration

4 Benefits of Deep Core Aeration Services in Calgary

Deep core aeration involves perforating the soil with small holes to allow nutrients, water, and air into the roots. This process reduces soil compaction and allows your lawn to ‘breathe’. 

By aerating the lawn, nutrients and water absorb better through the root system. The main difference between standard aeration and deep core aeration is the machine used – deep core aeration utilizes a robust machine that can poke deeper and larger holes.

Using a heavy lawn aeration machine, we poke holes in the soil and leave the cores on the turf. With watering and rain, these soil cores disintegrate into the lawn and recycle the nutrients that help improve its health. 

How often you should aerate your lawn

Do a quick online search and you’ll find many resources saying lawn aeration should be done every 2 years. However, it’s important to note that this is the minimum requirement. If you want to maintain a beautiful, healthy lawn, aeration should be done every growing season in the spring. Additionally, many homeowners and commercial property managers schedule a second aeration service in the fall. 

Some people will even do deep core aeration multiple times a year. If your lawn has high traffic and is used a lot, we would recommend both a spring and fall aeration. Golf courses are aerated four times per season, although your home lawn will not need to be aerated that often.

The benefits of deep core aeration

After deep core aeration, your lawn will have:

  • Relief from soil compaction – Compacted soil leads to thinning and dead spots in your lawn because it prevents air, water, and nutrients from reaching grass roots. Poking holes in the lawn improves soil density, allowing that important gas exchange to happen and preventing thinning grass and dead spots.
  • Better seed growth – When aeration is combined with overseeding, you can expect a lush, green, thick lawn you can enjoy all season long. Lawn care experts typically recommend aeration before and after seeding as it helps with germination and creates a moist environment that is especially beneficial for seedling development. 
  • Improved water absorption – When soil absorbs water better, irrigating your lawn takes less time. This can help reduce your water bill during the warmer months – an added benefit of aeration.
  • Protect from the first winter frost – To protect your lawn from frost, schedule deep core aeration and fertilization in the fall before the grass goes dormant for the winter.

Scheduling a deep core aeration service in Calgary

Lawn aeration is an essential part of a good lawn care program. If you’re looking for a lawn care package that will produce excellent results, be sure aeration is a part of the services. At Lawn Lovers, we provide deep core aeration priced by square foot and can bundle packages depending on what your lawn requires. 

Warmer months are right around the corner, which means plenty of opportunities to enjoy your lawn.  Contact us for a free quote and let’s get your turf looking lush and healthy this summer!

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