Save Time With Calgary Lawn Mowing Services

Calgary lawn mowing services

Save Time With Calgary Lawn Mowing Services

Whether it’s a small yard or a large green space, keeping the grass at an appropriate length goes beyond the aesthetics of a well-kept yard. Regular lawn mowing is vital for the health of your turf! However, not everyone has the time to consistently mow their lawn or is physically able to. Lawn Lovers is proud to offer Calgary lawn mowing services!

The good news is, there are Calgary Lawn Mowing Services available – whether you want to save time, don’t have the equipment, you’re going on vacation for an extended period, or you’re limited in mobility. 

Whatever the reason, you can choose from these 3 different service levels:

  1. Weekly Lawn Mowing – A weekly cut from professional mowers will help you keep the shape and length on your lawn so it’s always looking its best. Weekly lawn mowing is popular during the growing season.
  1. Bi-weekly Lawn Mowing – A professional cut every two weeks will help keep your lawn looking pristine and fresh. 
  1. One-time Lawn Mowing – If you’re dealing with a broken lawnmower or something came up where you can’t get to mowing the lawn, a one-time service will save you time and get your lawn in tip-top shape. 

The importance of Calgary lawn mowing services

Achieving beautiful, healthy, and lush grass not only requires fertilizing and watering but is dependent on the maintenance done in-between lawn care. Regular lawn mowing is crucial because it helps with:

  • Consistent growth – When grass is cut to a uniform level, nutrients from the sun and water are evenly distributed and absorbed. Consistent growth helps maintain even colour and appearance throughout the yard. 
  • Improving the strength of the grass – Regular cutting keeps grass blades strong and helps grass grow thicker near the roots, resulting in a more lush and thick lawn over time. 
  • Quick recovery –  Extreme heat, hail, pests, and disease can do a number on your yard. The elements and outdoor factors are inevitable and to help grass recover quicker, it needs to be well-maintained. Because regular lawn mowing helps with consistent growth and strength, your grass is able to bounce back into shape quicker.

The benefits of hiring professional lawn mowing services

Now that you know how important regular lawn mowing is to the health and vitality of your yard, it’s time to keep up with a regular schedule. But let’s face it – mowing the grass is not a particularly favourite task on the to-do list. Even for homeowners who create a consistent routine, life happens and when it does, mowing the lawn typically gets pushed to the bottom of the list. 

One of the best ways to ensure your yard receives regular and consistent mowing is to hire professional lawn care services – whether that’s weekly, bi-weekly, or a one-time service. Here are a few benefits of hiring Calgary lawn mowing services:

  • Expert, knowledgeable care – Lawn care professionals know the best time to mow and the best length for grass during specific seasons. This will avoid over-mowing and cutting the grass too short, preventing damage.
  • Saves time – With regular lawn mowing services, you can ‘set it and forget it’. You don’t have to worry about remembering when your yard is due for a cut and you can rest assured that it will be done on a consistent schedule. This gives you back your time to spend with family, take care of other errands and chores, or just kick back and relax. Your Calgary lawn mowing services will take care of it all.
  • Avoids body fatigue and injuries – Cutting the grass is no easy feat with the constant pushing, pulling, and lifting involved, which is why injuries and body fatigue are quite common with lawn mowing. Professional Calgary lawn mowing services are especially beneficial for the elderly and those who are limited in mobility. 

And of course, professional lawn mowing leaves you with a beautiful, healthy yard that you and your family can enjoy all season long! Contact us for Calgary Lawn Mowing Services!

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