What A Basic Lawn Package In Calgary Includes

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What A Basic Lawn Package In Calgary Includes

The purpose of lawn care is to improve the overall health of your soil and lawn and produce a lush and green turf. While lawn care packages differ depending on what each lawn needs, there are some fundamental services that should always be included and should not be ignored.

At Lawn Lovers, we offer a Basic Lawn Package in Calgary that includes season-long fertiziler, season-long weed control, and complimentary call-backs. This is the most cost-effective package that will help your lawn thrive. From there, you have the option of expanding to our higher packages that includes aeration, overseeding, power raking, and more. 

Keep reading to learn more about what a basic lawn care package includes and why fertilizing and wedd controls are essential for maintaining a healthy and thriving yard all year round.

Season-long fertilizer and weed control

If only achieving a healthy turf is as simple as applying fertilizer and mowing the lawn, but that’s simply not the case. A healthy lawn takes time, knowledge, and effort. Proper lawn care requires knowledge – apply too much weed control product and you may have unsightly brown patches. Overfertilize and your grass may become a breeding ground for insects and disease. 

A lawn care specialist knows exactly how much and what type of product to use to help you finally achieve a thick and healthy lawn. At Lawn Lovers, our lawn care packages are spread out over a certain amount of visits – at least 5 times throughout the seasons. Our basic lawn package includes: 

  • Season-long fertilizer – Provides your lawn with all of the nutrients it need to stimulate growth. We have a range of fertilizers that will help grass grow vibrant and green. 
  • Season-long weed control – Our expert weed control services include manual and herbicidal de-weeding combined with weed prevention.
  • Complimentary call-backs – If you’re not satisfied with our services, we provide complimentary call-backs to deliver the results you’re looking for. 

Why the basic lawn package in Calgary is important

The true benefits of a green lawn goes beyond aesthetics. Coming home to a patchy and diseased yard can have a negative impact on our mood and discourage us from spending time in our own backyard. On the other hand, a healthy and lush lawn encourages us to spend more time outdoors which is excellent for our overall health and adds to our quality of life. 

Thick grass helps the environment by acting as an air filter, trapping carbon dioxide and cleaning the air. A healthy lawn also minimizes noise pollution and absorbs the sun’s heat, helping to cool your property during hot summer days. Last but certainly not least, a healthy yard is something that we can be proud of and enhances the beauty of your property.
Our Basic Lawn Package in Calgary is applied by our expert Lawn Lovers team for a luscious, lively, and loveable lawn. Contact us today to book your professional lawn package in Calgary!

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